April A to Z Challenge: A

Source: James Walsh Flickr photo

Today's writing prompt for the AtoZ challenge is: Abandoned Barn. Here is my entry:


It was a barn, long abandoned, by the look of the splintering wood and the grasses that had grown up to the leaning walls, nearly obscuring the barn from view. The shape of it was unmistakable. The steeply sloping roof had slipped nearly to the ground on one side, but the broad double doors still stood, though one was listing in it’s hinges. Sam stepped up to it, cautiously. Exploring abandoned buildings at dusk was not a typical pastime for Sam, but she felt inexplicably drawn to this building. She glanced at the sky, trying to determine the time. How much longer before it would be too dark to find her way up the trail and back to Aunt Andi’s house? Long enough for a quick peek, she hoped, as she tugged at one of the broad wooden doors. Tiny shards of faded red paint flaked off as the door opened abruptly, the aging wood crumbling beneath Sam’s fingers. Blinking, she peeked inside, but her eyes, unaccustomed to the dark, picked up only shapeless lumps looming in the gloom. Until, that is, she cast her gaze upward, toward the hayloft, her eyes following her ears which were picking up a slight buzzing sound which seemed to come from above. An ancient ladder reached up away from the muck and blackness and into a pale wavering light. She squinted, uncertain whether her eyes were playing tricks on her. No, it was real. There was a slight but unmistakable glow coming from the hayloft.


I've challenged myself to create a writing prompt and write a short response to it each day of April as part of the A to Z blogging challenge.  Read more about the A to Z blogging challenge here. If you feel inspired by the prompt today, feel free to post your own short response in the comments. Thanks for reading!


  1. Great image - old abandoned buildings have so much character ~

    Popped by from AtoZ - started at the end of the list.

    Give me visit some time

  2. Cool. I love the flaking paint, and the names, and your verb choices here, especially. I so want to read the next paragraph!

    I think creating prompts for yourself is a genius idea. I'm using writing-related terms to build a short posts that I can use as writing resources later.

  3. I love stories inspired by an image. Great story!

  4. Sounds like straight from your story? Is it? Can't wait!