One Little Word 2014 | March's Dare

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This month, I dare myself to prioritize my health.

I am a generally healthy person. I eat reasonably well. I practice yoga and go for the occasional jog. I don't have a ton of stress. I sleep an average of 8+ hours a night. I go to the dentist every 6 months like clockwork.

But (and it's hard to admit this,) I've lost some of the discipline I used to have. Nowadays, I let myself off the hook more quickly when exercising, and I give in to tempting foods more easily than I used to. I make little excuses for myself, and I don't self-correct as quickly. And when I do try to bring my habits back in line, my efforts don't yield results as quickly as they used to (the product of aging?) In short, I've gotten a little lazy, and I've gotten a little older. It's not a great combination.

I need a new paradigm for what it looks like to take good care of myself.  I need a jump start and a re-set. Thirty days feels like the perfect length of time to try on some new habits, and ditch a few bad ones.

In March I will...

...catch up on overdue doctor visits and screenings. 

...start tracking some basic data: what I eat and what I weigh. Information is power.

...calculate how many calories my body needs, and start counting my daily intake to get a better feeling for how I'm doing. Then, establish a good list of go-to foods that are within my target calorie range.

...opt for whole, real, clean foods. (Lately I've been so inspired by Lauren Brimley. Check out her blog or follow her on instagram @eating_whole to get loads of healthy eating inspiration.)

...ramp up my exercise with more jogs and more yoga. Try to go for a jog or yoga class 6 days a week.

...connect with friends who share similar goals. There is power in the group.

...plan a reward for all my hard work at the end of the month (new yoga outfit? a massage? both?)

March is a great month to take a fresh look at our healthy living strategies. Winter's hibernation is ending and spring is well on it's way. Outdoor activities are more accessible. Spring vegetables are coming into season. And while this dare is more about my long term health and energy than about vanity, I'll admit to being very aware that summer, with it's shorts and swimsuits, is right around the corner. There is still time to make a difference!

Happy March!

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  1. Best of luck with your goals. Sounds like you're pretty disciplined. I think we're all allowed to slip a little now and then!