March Dare Update: What I've been eating

I am not sure what clicked or why, but I've been extremely motivated this month to eat better. It's part of my March Dare to prioritize my health above all else. Having a monthly dare really helps me focus. I think it helped too that I found Lauren Brimley of Eating Whole on Instagram. Her style of eating, and her recipes, really inspired me. I took a few proud pictures of things I made, and I wanted to share them here. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen some of these. But it makes me happy to see them all in one place. :)

Above is the salad I had for lunch yesterday. It is tuna (mixed with a scoop of greek yogurt and diced pickle), garbanzo beans, avocado, red bell pepper, blackberries and slivered almonds, on a bed of spinach and baby kale. I felt positively virtuous eating it.

Below, these are pancakes, which you might think aren't healthy, except that these have no flour or sugar. Just mashed banana, egg, cottage cheese, flax meal, chia seeds, and cinnamon. Topped with blueberries. The kids liked them too!

Next, a simple meal of brown rice with broccoli, black beans, and some sweet potato (chunked, microwaved, then sautéed with some ground cumin and paprika.)

This next one is apple slices with a dip made from greek yogurt, honey, almond butter, vanilla and cinnamon. (The recipe is from her blog.)  This is more of a treat than a healthy staple. But, if you're going to have something sweet, this is better than a handful of Girl Scout cookies for sure!

Below, scrambled egg on a small corn tortilla, topped with a mix of avocado, salsa and greek yogurt. Served with a side of sweet potatoes. Yummy!

I even made homemade bread (in the bread machine.) (Yes, that's a big hunk of butter on top. I gave that one to my daughter, and served myself a slice topped with hummus.)

This tiny little snack (below) is representative of a larger portion that I wolfed down that day, but it was fun to photograph it like this. This is a sweet potato chip (sliced thin, and baked with a sprinkling of salt and spices), topped with an avocado/salsa/yogurt mixture. This might be my new favorite thing to eat.

In this next case, I grated the sweet potato and made a little pancake, topped with some leftover avacado/yogurt/salsa mixture (my favorite dip - goes with everything), and a side of broccoli.

And here's a super simple little meal with some plain chicken chunks, avocado, strawberries, and a slice of my homemade bread with hummus.

I know this might be the most boring blog post ever. Who cares what someone else is eating, right? Except that I LOVE seeing how other people eat, and getting ideas from people who eat more creatively, or more healthfully, than I do. So, I share these photos in that spirit. I'm not an expert (goodness knows) and I slip up all the time, but this month I'm doing just a bit better than usual. (Many many thanks to Lauren Brimley for the inspiration!)

Hope you are having a great month!

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