An unconventional baby quilt

A very lovely person I have the privilege to be friends with became a new mother last month. I've been in the mood to make a quilt again for a while, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to get out the sewing machine, which has been gathering dust for the past year.

I wanted to do something contemporary, and something that would go with any decor, and something that would be gender neutral.

I have been admiring the chevron patterns I'm seeing everywhere these days, and so I went looking for a quilt pattern online. I came across this darling blog and followed her tutorial. It worked exactly as she described, and here is my finished quilt!

In the hopes of adding some happy color, I decided on yellow for the back. I added some pieced stripes in various widths to break it up and because I didn't have quite enough yellow for a solid back. I think it adds just the right shot of fun to balance the more dramatic front side.

I made a label for the back, following the labeling technique recommended by that same blogger. I think I'd make the next label a little smaller, but other than that I how it came out. Labeling my quilts has been a pain point in the past (and most of my quilts don't have them, consequently.) Hopefully this new method ends my tendency to skip the label.

I am worried it's a bit unconventional for a baby quilt. It's pretty far from cute little duckies or baby elephants. But on the other hand, I hope he will be able to hang onto it a little longer than he would if it were baby blue and covered in storks or puppies.

To give it to her, and protect it from dirt in the transition, I decided to wrap it in cellophane and tie it with a ribbon.

I gave it to her today, and she seemed to like it. I hope so! It was a great project to get me back into quilting, and to remind me how rewarding the whole process can be.

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  1. I love it! What you didn't mention is that the black and white patterns are perfect for newborns! I think it's genius! Babies can't see cute duckies anyway!