Project Life 2014 | Weeks 5-7

Project Life continues with Weeks 5 - 7. I'm liking the digital approach, so I kept that going this round. And I continue to keep it extremely simple with minimal embellishment. That makes it go fast, and I like the clean look.

Week Five

 Week Six

Week Seven

In the beginning of the year, I had thought I might do one spread a month, or one week per side, but somehow I just keep coming back to one two page spread per week. It almost always seems to be just the right amount of space for the photos and notes I want to include. Sometimes I have a few too many photos and have to pare down, and sometimes I have too few and I have to stretch things out a bit, or use filler material. But generally it works out about right every week. Loving that. Why mess with it if it's not broken?

Supplies & Techniques: I am using the Design A digital template from Becky Higgins (a free download.) In the upper left of the left side page, I'm using Cathy Zielskie's approach of screening back a photo and overlaying it with her weekly circle. I'm putting captions right over the photos, in Bariol font, and using a few elements from Ali Edwards here and there. The "do more of what makes you happy" card is from Smitha Katti, and the black and white quotes are from Elise Blaha Cripe. I create the spreads in Photoshop Elements.

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  1. These layouts are so gorgeous. I love how the digital is going. You do know that you are a graphic designer, don't you? So curious that you included a Bible verse. In a previous life I committed some to memory. The Corinthians was one of my favorite. There is one in Ephesians you'd like too. XOXO