One Little Word | February's Dare

(My One Little Word for 2014 is Dare.)

This month, I dare myself to fight Resistance.

Let me explain. 

I recently read a book by Steven Pressfield called The War of Art. Have you read it? I may have mentioned it here before, and if not, I will be sure to do a post about it sometime soon. It’s an amazing read. 

Anyway, it’s about Resistance, with a capital “R”, which is how he refers to the difficulty many people have when they attempt to do something challenging or difficult. Like become a writer or an artist or get serious about the pursuit of most any creative endeavor. It - Resistance - comes into play for people taking on healthy habits too, like exercising more or eating a better diet. When something is good for us, or takes us closer to our true calling, we can find ourselves battling Resistance. 

About writers, he says, “The hard thing is not to write. What’s hard is sitting down to write.” I could not agree more.

I have seen Resistance grab hold and keep me from sitting down to write, even though I want to do it, I have the time to do it, and I enjoy doing it. It sounds crazy. If I want to do it, and I have the time, and I enjoy it, what’s the problem? Well, now I have a name for the problem. It’s Resistance.

Fortunately, the book instructs us that beating Resistance is possible, and indeed it is necessary if we are to live our lives to their fullest potential. But doing so requires courage, boldness, taking risks, defying expectations (of self and others), and challenging ourselves every single day to defy resistance and do our work. (Sounds a lot like the definition of DARE, doesn't it?)

I DARE myself to write. 
Learn to write. 
Fail at writing. 
Keep writing anyway. 
Learn some more. 
And face Resistance and punch it in the eye. 

And, something new this month: I'm going to try using Instagram to document my progress, with the hashtag #beatingresistance. Get ready for a lot of photos of pencils, paper, stacks of books, my laptop, maybe some quotes, etc. The challenge will be to change it up, vary my approaches, and make the photos creative or interesting on their own. Wish me luck?!

Is there something you're resisting? Join me on instagram so I can cheer you on! Tag me (@laurelholman) and/or use the hashtag #beatingresistance. Good luck!


  1. Fighting Resistance takes will power but when that fails so the opposite. Paint, exercise, play a game, bake, something reactive and fun. Then come back to your main purpose and goal(s) and you will find renewed energy.

  2. Go ahead and punch that resistance in the eye! :D