Getting away: Yosemite

We've been away for a few days, in Yosemite and the surrounding area, seeking mountains, breathtaking sights, rocks to climb, and some family togetherness.

We are so lucky to live in this place where we can get to amazing places like Yosemite in just a few hours drive.

It's hard to find "nature's peace" with a seven year old and a nine year old. (But doesn't that sound nice? I love that quote.) But we got close, in moments here and there, and we had lots of fun.

A few highlights:

...climbing huge rocks
...getting sprayed by mist from Bridalveil Falls
...exploring unpaved mountain roads
...swimming in the indoor pool
...playing in (one tiny patch of) snow
...finding secret passageways
...making friends with the super friendly staff at our hotel
...playing air hockey in the arcade
...getting our feet wet in the Merced river
...being fascinated by a dead fish's guts, displayed on the riverbank
...finding pinecones bigger than our heads

There were challenging moments too (does any family trip escape them?) but all in all I was so proud of everyone for making a big effort to be happy and have a good time.

If you're anywhere near Yosemite, I encourage you to skip up there and spend some time. It's truly spectacular.

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  1. Love this quote and photo combination. Can't wait to hear more about the trip. Any words of advice for having fun in Yosemite with kids?