Project Life 2014 | Title page and a new plan

Project Life in 2013 was like a weekly meditation on all the good things life brings. It was a gigantic gratitude journal that I created with pictures from our lives. And I love that we have a record of our year, too.

The practice of putting these spreads together each week has made me a better photographer, and I've learned a lot about design by studying the work of my favorite designers, and practicing in Photoshop Elements. I'm grateful for these new skills.

As I think about what I want from this project in 2014, all of this is still important to me. I want some kind of a record of our year, and I want the practice of meditating on our daily lives and finding the joys that I can document with my camera and my words. And I want to build on the creative skills I have gained.

I also want to reduce the time I spend in this project, to make room for other creative endeavors that are calling to me this year.

So, here is my plan for Project Life 2014, though I expect it to evolve as the year gets going.

I'm going to make one spread for each month, instead of each week. I think this will serve the goal of documentation, and of regular reflection on the good things in our lives. But it will take less time, and it will create a more streamlined (and less bulky) book that takes up less space. (I hope to fit 2 years or more into this next album.) That's becoming important, as I realize how huge these books are when finished. I have a small house with limited storage space.

I'm going to add inserts for special events or vacations. If we did something big one month, I'll add an extra spread or an insert to document it. I don't like the idea of separate vacation albums (requiring even more storage space in the house!). It will force me to be very choiceful in picking just the best pictures to remind us of the trip.

I'm going to focus on the photos (and my favorite technique of adding words right on top using Photoshop Elements). I'm not going to buy a new Project Life kit this year, and instead use up old cards I have, or make my own with what I have on hand.

Here is my title page for 2014:

I incorporated my One Little Word:

Here are a few more of my favorite bits. My kids, of course:

I just loved this brick wall covered with sparkling lights. I took a bunch of pictures of it, with the idea that I might be able to use it as the background for words. I love this technique, and am always on the lookout for great backgrounds that I can use this way. I think I may use this technique for my monthly title card. We'll see.

Love the muted colors, with the pop of red.

I had a leftover card from an old PL Kit (Cobalt), that seemed appropriate in the bottom right slot, so I dropped it in as is:

Let the adventure begin! Lets make some magic.


  1. Laurel, I love the "lets make magic" image. This is one of the places you are making creative connections, for sure. So excited to see more versions of this background/font work. I love it!

  2. Hi Laurel, I found you on instagram when I was looking for other people choosing "one little word" for 2014 - I, too, had chosen "dare"! And now I 'm reading about your plans for PL and, well, mine are about the same, e.g. monthly spreads instead of weekly - it's almost spooky :-) Good luck with all your projects, especially with your novel!