Project Life 2013 | Weeks 49-52

A Fond Farewell to 2013! 

I finished up my Project Life album for 2013!! Yay!

I am starting to think about what shape I want this project to take in 2014. I'm going to share my plan in a couple of days (it's time to change things up a bit), but meanwhile I wanted to officially close the 2013 chapter by documenting the last few weeks of my album here on the blog.

Week 49

One of my favorite things about this week is the green soup picture. Not because the picture is so great, but because I have just loved this new introduction to my diet. I hope it's clear enough that you can read the writing. You should try it too! Such a great way to load up on those healthy greens. Better than trying to sweeten them up in a smoothie. Kudos to my cousin for introducing me to it.

Week 50

Lots of holiday making going on this week. A couple of my favorite bits from this spread:

Seeing the little art blocks all lined up just makes me happy. (Learned how in Junelle Jacobson's Art of Holiday Goodness online class.)

I also love this picture of my husband's whittling project. They are gnomes! We got the idea from a picture on Pinterest. I need to add some red paint for the hats, and some white paint for beards. So cute, right?

Week 51 

We attended a wedding this week, and I used the right side to showcase pictures from it. I love all the red.

I put a subtle white title right in the center of this picture of the bride and groom dancing, with their names (and a fancy ampersand -- love that!) and the date.

And I love this picture of the two littlest cousins peeking through a mailbox, hoping for a glimpse of the bride. So darling.

Week 52

I used the left side to showcase our Christmas day festivities. I had lots of snapshots, so I used Photoshop Elements to put two photos into each 3x4 slot. (I just sized them 2x3 and stacked them before printing.) I like having that same approach used all the way across:

On the right, I showcased our trip to Safari West. I had so many great animal shots (taken by my husband, he's so good!) I needed to use the whole page to fit them in.

In order to avoid using an insert, I made a 4x6 collage (in photoshop elements) of the pictures I just couldn't stand to leave out. 

Because I was just DONE by this point, I used the "last page" cards from the Seafoam kit for the very last page with absolutely no writing or additions at all. I'm ready to move on to 2014. It is good enough as is. I also have a large envelope page at the very back for misc cards and keepsakes from the year.

I'm so happy to have this year documented! It's a lot of fun to look back. Many thanks to Becky Higgins for this memory keeping system, and to Ali Edwards, Elise Cripe, and Cathy Zilske for their inspiration throughout the year.

On to 2014!

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