#bloomingnow | January

Blooming in my Northern California neighborhood in January.

Flowers make me happy. I need more of them in my yard. Every month of every year, I see gorgeous flowers in other people's yards and I think to myself, "I should plant that!" but then I forget, and the blooming season moves to another flower, and it isn't until the following year when I see that flower again that I think, "oh yeah! I love this one every year at this time. Why haven't I planted it in my yard yet?"

I am lucky to live in California, where there is sure to be something blooming at all times, even during winter. Some of our best blossoms come in late January and early February, when the weather invariably becomes springlike for a few weeks, tricking the trees into sending out their blossoms early.

I'm going to try tracking my neighborhood favorites by snapping them into Instagram with the hashtag #bloomingnow. Then, when I'm at the nursery, I can pull up my phone and show them the ones I want. Imagine if I had at least one plant in it's full blooming glory every month in my own garden? Heaven.

Join me? See you on instagram: #bloomingnow

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  1. That is a good way of remembering the plants you want in your garden! I envy you the mild climate a bit - here it's just snowdrops and hellebores flowering at the moment...