Project Life 2013 | Weeks 42 - 48

I had some quiet time this past weekend, after the Thanksgiving guests all departed, so I did some catching up on Project Life. 

I'm not sure I would have thought of doing it this weekend, except that my son asked to see my Project Life album from last year. It was so nice to see him delighting in the pages. And so, the album was still out when our Thanksgiving overnight guests arrived, and so they looked through the album and admired it. Having someone else look at it and marvel at all the detail and the stories was a good reminder why I do this project. I like having a record of our weeks, so that I can look back and remember, in some degree of detail, what our lives were like. It's fun to look back at last year already, and I can only imagine how much more amazing it will be to look back as the years go by. 

So, I was motivated to catch up completely (YAY!), and I am now confident I will be finishing the album this year, and likely continuing next year in some format. Maybe digital? I'm still deciding.

Here are my spreads for Weeks 42 through 48. Four more to go in 2013?!!!

Week 42

Week 43

 Week 44

Week 45 and 46

Week 47 and 48

 I hope you are enjoying your days as the weeks of 2013 dwindle to a close. Lets try to enjoy every moment!

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