Homemade Marshmallows & our Hot Cocoa Station

Inspired by my friend Brette, who gave me a lesson last year, I decided to make homemade marshmallows this weekend.

Here I am boiling the sugars (to "soft ball" on the candy thermometer.)

Then you mix up the boiled sugars with some dissolved gelatin for about 15 minutes until it gets really thick.

Then you spread it in a pan well coated in powdered sugar, and leave it out to dry overnight.

I turned it out onto a well sugared board,

And cut it into strips,

and then into cubes, coating each side with powdered sugar.

I put them into a glass jar for storage.

I am thinking of keeping them out on display with our hot cocoa supplies.

Hot cocoa is a big deal at our house this time of year. And marshmallows are a key part of the ritual.

Thank you, Brette, for getting me over my fear of candy thermometers!


  1. Amazing. Somehow I never even thought you could make marshmallows. Don't they grow on trees are something?

  2. I am SO IMPRESSED. I saw my candy thermometer and thought for one second, I should try to make those marshmallows, but then I wimped out. I'm so glad you went for it. THEY ARE WONDEFUL! I love your hot cocoa station.

  3. they are so good...it puts any store bought marshmallow to shame.