Art Blocks

I'm addicted to making these little art blocks! I learned how in an online art class I signed up for a couple of months ago. It's called The Art of Holiday Goodness, and it's by one of my favorite people, Junelle Jacobsen. Inspired by her adorable projects in this class, I started making blocks as little Christmas gifts.

I just loved the idea of little jars of goodness that I found in one of Junelle's posts, so I adapted the idea for this block for our former-nanny-turned-family-friend, Wendy. Wendy's Pantry is always stocked with good things.

Here is my favorite side view of it (above). I loved the process of meditating about the person I was crafting for and finding just the right thing to put on their block. Wendy lives life in full color, and inspires me every day.

While the main block faces were fun to do, I actually ended up enjoying the tiny sides just as much.

For a few blocks, I used a recipe for inspiration. My dad makes waffles, so I decided to use that for my main theme. Below, you can see some of the backs lined up. For the ones with a recipe, I just printed them out and glued them on.

The puppy block is for Nancy, who takes my dog to the beach.

For my mom, who sends me lots of love through the mail, I went with a mailbox theme.

These were soooo much fun to make! Thank you to Junelle for the inspiration and instruction! 

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