Mile A Day 2013

I'm going to run 1 mile a day between now and New Years Eve.

I did this last year too, inspired by Elise Blaha who issued the #mileaday challenge from Thanksgiving to New Years. I recorded each one on instagram with the hashtag #mileaday and a photo of my shoes. Here's a collection of just a few of my outings from 2012: 
I had just finished my first half marathon earlier in November, and I wanted a gentle way to keep moving through the holidays. The #mileaday was just perfect.

This year, I'm in a different position, needing to get back into running form. So #mileaday is perfect again, even through I'm on the opposite side of my fitness spectrum. 

Instead of recording shoe shots like I did last year, this year I am going to try to find one interesting close up photo of something pretty on each of my runs.

I am hoping that many of these runs turn out to be more than a mile, especially as I get going later this month and into December. And I'm starting to harbor hopes of working up to another half marathon next Spring.

I couldn't resist a shot of this beautiful path near my house. It's not a close-up, but it's gorgeous in the fall.

I might walk some of these miles, particularly on days when I do another form of exercise, (yoga, or my Tabata class), but I plan to get one mile in somehow each and every day. 

I can't promise that there won't be a shoe shot in there occasionally. 

Follow the hashtag #mileaday on instagram and join in!