The Art of Goodness

I am so excited about the new online art class I signed up for this week. It's called The Art of (Holiday) Goodness, by the fabulous Junelle Jacobsen.

You'll want to check her out. I adore her. I've been following her blog, Yes and Amen, for a long time. It was this post that made me decide to sign up for her latest class, with a fall and holiday theme. Perfect to get me in the mood of the season, and to wake up my creative juices which have been a little too dormant for the past few months.

Spending time with Junelle always puts me in a good mood. I just love her voice, which comes through so clearly in her writing. When you watch her videos, you hear her giggle and it's just the cutest. You can't possibly watch one without being cheered up, and inspired.

I made this pear painting after being inspired by her version which I spied in a photo on her website, before the class started. 

And then I made a version with apples. I love that she makes sketching and painting seem so do-able. I'd have never thought I could paint apples, but here it is.

in progress
The first official assignment had us sketching and then painting a cascade of falling leaves. Doing this little project made me so happy!

I just love spending time this way. And I love how it turned out.

My goal is to spend a little time each and every day doing something related to the class, from a simple sketch on the busy days, to a fully messy art journaling page or painting on days where I have more time.

I can't wait to see what comes out of it! It's not too late to join in on the fun... sign up here and join me!

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