Project Life 2013 | Week 41

Here we are at Week 41, in Project-Life-time-at-my-house. In real life it is Week 44, I believe, which means two things. First, I'm really not that far behind anymore, and second, the year is really almost over. There are only 52 weeks to play in, after all. Are you ready for the race into the holidays? It always seems to feel like that, starting around this time. (I am going to try to make it not feel so much like a race this year. You too?)

Anyway, on to Week 41. Almost every picture from this week was taken within a 2 hour stretch at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. I always get so many great pictures there, I decided to focus on it for the whole spread. 

Here is a closer view of the left side:

That photo of my daughter is one of my very favorites of her, although it makes my heart jump into my throat. You can really start to see what she is going to look like all grown up.

The only photo not taken at the pumpkin patch is this one of my kitchen, with a "before" inset. I love seeing the before/after photos together. Still so happy that project is done!!!

Here a closer view of the right side:

Hope you are having a great week!


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