Is it worth it to drag out the big camera? YES

Lately I've found myself taking most of my photos with my phone. It's just so easy. And I love that, because it means I am able to capture so many little moments I otherwise wouldn't.

But I have a really nice big camera too, and the other day I pulled it out (blew the dust off of it) and left it on the counter to make it more available. And a couple of days after that, my parents were over for a visit and they sat down on my front yard bench. "HOLD IT, DON'T MOVE!", I yelled as I dashed inside to grab the big camera.

And this is what I got:

Yes, they are adorable, aren't they? I know. They're adorable on the inside too.

I wanted to share that sentiment with the world, so I quickly grabbed my iPhone to take a pic for Instagram. And this is what I got.

Same setting. Same subjects. Same photographer.

Yes, it is worth it to keep the big camera handy.

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