Hello October

I am never quite ready for the new month when it comes. For the first few days, I cling to the prior month, not quite believing that the new month is already here. Not quite believing that the year is that much closer to coming to a close.

So here it is, October 9th, and I'm finally ready to say hello to this new month, and to contemplate what I want this month to be about for me, as I like to do each month. Better late than never, right?

Some months I list my intentions, or even specific "to dos" or goals for the month. This month, it is coming together as a list of hopes I am holding. I don't know why, but framing them as hopes felt right this month. Hope can be a powerful force, and I think I'm looking for that power in a few areas this month.

hoping for the discipline to stay in my chair when writing gets hard

hoping for
 the calm that comes from focusing on one thing at a time

hoping that the steady stream of contractors stops coming sometime this month and I get my house back

hoping that I can give my sweet dog enough exercise as I take over the responsibility of walking her

hoping for the strength to fight what needs fighting (for myself, and for those around me who have battles they are fighting)

hoping for the courage to feel what I am feeling and not dismiss it, following this sage advice from my dear friend Cristina

hoping to be in the moment more often this month

hoping to catch the Halloween spirit and have fun with it this year

hoping the amazing weather we've been having will hold up

hoping the government will start functioning better soon

hoping for rapid recoveries on the health front for several friends, neighbors and family members who are mending from this or that right now

hoping to maintain the momentum I am feeling with my new fall exercise routine

hoping to get the most I can from the writing class I am taking, and to give it the attention my classmates deserve

What are you hoping for this month?

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