Goal Setting this week | October 28 - November 3

Goal setting felt really motivating last week, so I'm going to try it again this week. I have many more commitments this week, so I will have less time to pursue my own projects, so there is less on my list this week than last. Some weeks are like that.

Once again, I'm using the goal categories I established in my Fall goals.

Be Healthy: I will attend Monday yoga, Tuesday Tabata, and my usual Sunday run. I'll try to fit in one more run somewhere. I will make salads for lunch and watch my sugar intake.

Write a novel: I will read and respond to my classmates writing in my Novel writing class, and write my (20 page!) workshop submission, due Friday. 

Make a contribution: I will host this month's Silicon Valley Women's Entrepreneur meeting. I will attend an evening speaker event and take note of emerging content that inspires me. I will put pen to paper on some content development ideas I am working on with a friend.

Rock my home life:  I will plan my November gratitude project. I will embrace Halloween on Thursday and let the day be all about that. I will kick off "Hot Cocoa Season" on the evening of November 1st with the kids, and a new read-aloud (The Mysterious Benedict Society.)

Have fun: I will work on my sketches and paintings for my Art of Goodness online art class. I will plan a neighborhood soup party.

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