Goal setting this week | Oct 21 - 27, 2013

When I originally started this blog, my intent was to document my experience taking time away from my corporate job. I set broad goals for my year off, and used the blog to break those down into weekly goals to keep me moving, hold myself accountable, and to document my progress and my accomplishments.

Now that I am in "year two" of my year off, I find that I'm thinking differently about my time than I did in the beginning. I'm more accustomed to the pace of this new life, and I feel less frantic about knocking down accomplishments every week. However, while I appreciate my more relaxed pace, I do find that I occasionally miss the sense of accomplishment associated with setting short term goals and achieving them.

So, for this week, I decided to look back at the broad goals I set for this fall, and set smaller goals for just this week, aligned with those larger goal categories. I'm posting it here, to help hold myself accountable for completing those goals. There is something about stating the goals publicly that makes them feel more important, and I kind of like that. So, at the risk of over-sharing and/or boring you to tears, here is what I'm going to be doing this week.

Be Healthy: This week I will take 3+ long walks with the dog. I will attend my Tabatia class. I will attend my Body & Soul class. I will go for at least one run. I will make at least one green smoothie.

Write a novel: I will catch up completely in my novel writing class. I will draft a new scene for my novel. I will meet up for at least one writing date with fellow writer friends. I will pick one book from my "to read" pile and dive into it.

Make a contribution: I will hold my weekly process meeting with the law practice team. I will write up my draft nominations for Project Cornerstone. I will post at least 3 times to my blog.

Rock my home life: I will create a mini-curriculum around how to be a good host/hostess and make a plan to use Family Meetings to teach it to the kids. I will clean out my closet, leaving behind only the things I want to reach for on a weekly basis. (All other "special occasion" clothes will be moved to my closet cabinet in the garage.) I will implement a scorecard tracking & reward system to help my kids master their current focus areas. I will plan my November gratitude project.

Have fun: I will plan a neighborhood soup party to generate "playborhood spirit" and to give the kids a chance to practice their new host/hostess skills. I will celebrate my birthday and enjoy what comes with that. I will create some original art of some form, however small.

I'm not sure I can accomplish all this during the week... or whether all of these things will feel as important as the week goes along as they do now. But it should be a good experiment to give it a try. Wish me luck!

Have a great week!

(Photos are from my garden today. While the yard is not looking great at this time of year, I'm always amazed by how many pretty things I can find when I look up close at the details.)

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