Celebrating: We qualify for health insurance today!

I just have to share with you that I am so happy that as of today we qualify for health insurance because of the new federal law that went into effect today.

When I left my corporate job last year, I was grateful for Cobra, which allowed us to extend our coverage for 18 months. (My husband, an attorney, is self employed so we cannot get health insurance through him. I've always been the benefit provider in our family.)

Without the Health Care Act, I would have been forced to either go back to work at a big company when my Cobra coverage runs out, or have our family go without coverage. Because, you see, we have a pre-existing condition in our family. So we would have been rejected in the individual market. It doesn't take much, by the way, to qualify as a pre-existing condition. Pretty much anything in your health history, even if it doesn't seem like a big deal, can get you rejected. Until today.

This day feels historic. And I feel a sense of freedom I didn't feel before. It feels like I have been granted freedom to have the career I want to have, and to be there for my kids, because of this health care act.

I don't really understand the controversy going on in Washington about it. Frankly, it's hard to imagine why some lawmakers would want to see my family barred from health insurance. We are healthy, and are capable of paying for insurance without subsidies. So I really don't get it. I'm sure it's complicated, but my emotional reaction is that I feel singled out, as if they feel I'm somehow less important than everyone else. As if my life and my children's health aren't as important somehow, because -- why? because I left my job to stay home with my kids? because our health history isn't 100% pristine? That makes me feel confused, and rejected, and sad.

So, I hope they get it together and fund this law. Because I really need this law. I'm counting on it, actually. It's going to really open doors for our family.

So I'm celebrating today that early next year, when my Cobra coverage runs out, we are going to be covered. That feels really really good.

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  1. I thought this clip of D-Senator Elizabeth Warren gave some good insight onto the current conflict over the ACA:


    I love this woman and I hope we get to elect her President someday. You saw it here first--2020 Elizabeth Warren :-) LOL