Project Life 2103 | Week 33

It feels good to spend some time on Project Life again. I love that it creates a quick documentation of the big (and small) events that make up our lives. It reminds me to focus on the positive, and be grateful for what I have.

I love putting words right on top of the photos (using Photoshop Elements.) It makes me feel like a magazine editor.

This week I tried using one headline across two pictures of the same scene from different angles. I like the way it turned out. I love taking pictures of my house at dusk when it's still light enough to see, but the lighted windows glow orange. 

We had a delayed birthday party for Julia this week, and I decided to use the right hand side to document the party.

My favorite part of the party was the collaborative painting Julia made with her friends by splattering paint in different layers. So much fun!

Once again I've fallen behind on Project Life, but am determined to catch up. Better late than never!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Beautiful pages and yes - definitely better late than never. I am working on catching up, too and it feels so nice every time that I make headway. Looking through the pages always reminds me that it is 100% worth the time and effort I put into it.

  2. I love the text on your photos, that's one of my favorite things to do with Project Life!

  3. Do you remember what fonts you used? I'm hit and miss with fonts looking good on my pictures. I think yours work really nice.