Focusing on the positive: A short story about my new refrigerator

Happy Friday!

I loved this post over at Marc and Angel Hack Life about what you DO NOT need to be happy. Did you see it the other day? My favorite quote from it is this one:
"Everyone’s life has positive and negative aspects – whether you’re happy or not depends greatly on which aspects you focus on."
It is so easy to find the negative, to see what's missing, or notice the problems. I know that I can spend ooodles of time ruminating over the aspects of my life that are not ideal. I spend a lot of time worrying about things I cannot control, or things that may only possibly happen.

It's much more challenging to stay focused on the positive, on what's present, and on solutions. But if you can do it, it's such a better way to live.

We recently purchased a new refrigerator and it got installed this week. My husband and I admired it briefly, then began to look at it with a suspicious eye. Was it ever so slightly louder than our old one? (It's not.) Did the ice maker have a smart enough sensor? (It does.) Was that a scratch? (It wasn't.)

It was kind of amazing how quickly we moved into critical mode, looking for the flaws, when in fact, it's a beautiful brand new refrigerator that works exactly the way it should. It took some effort to get back to that place of admiring enjoyment. I want to be focusing on how much more spacious it is than my old one. On how it's interior is so cleverly designed. On the fact that it's pristine and clean and rust free. It's new and it's here! Yay!

See, I feel better already.

Have a great weekend!

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