Around Here

slowly adjusting to the new routines of the school year

wondering how my neighbors manage to keep the flowers going so beautifully in their gardens. Feeling both envious and grateful.

entering the final phase of our kitchen remodel... (and the end can't come soon enough)

finding an amazing amount of satisfaction in little details, like putting up hooks to store baseball caps

being reminded of how hard it is for me to ask for -- or receive -- help

feeling excited about the plot twists my novel is taking, and wishing i had more time to work on it

smiling at the happy flowers dropped off on my doorstep by a friend and feeling blessed

thinking about ways i can beef up my "support team" as i look for ways to reduce stress and increase ease in our daily routines

loving reconnecting with an old friend from my working days, which reminded me of the person I used to be. (It felt good to be reminded, but also good to realize I don't want to be that person anymore.)

happy to be incorporating more exercise into my days, now that the kids are in school

unreasonably happy about my brand new fuchsia tennies

doing load after load of laundry in my brand new machines that just got installed

appreciating my parents and their reliable presence in my life, always there for me and my children

eating healthy lunches this week, thanks to the encouragement of a friend

enjoying putting my son's room back together after a mini-remodel

listening to friends, and being listened to. Both are such a blessing.

feeling lucky that I live in an area blessed with so many expert resources. It's good to know that whatever help is needed, I can surely find it here.

grateful to those of you who read my blog and hopeful that it's resonating with you out there.

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  1. Holy formatting, Batman....How did you get those photos to hopscotch like that?! It looks great!