Appreciating the laundry

Last night I did my first load of laundry since before Memorial Day.

I'm remodeling my kitchen, and the washer/dryer combo was in a kitchen cabinet, believe it or not, and so it got demo'd along with everything else. I have had no washer and dryer for nearly four months. Until yesterday.

You might be wondering how I have survived. With two active kids, two cats and a very fluffy and often muddy dog, we have plenty of opportunities to get stuff dirty. I wondered how I would survive too. In fact, I worried that I'd actually miss the washer/dryer more than the kitchen.

Because necessity drives invention, we worked out a system to make it work. Every Monday morning, I'd drop our laundry off with the nice ladies at the laundromat. That night, I'd return to pick up my bags of clean and neatly folded clothes. To keep expenses down (they charge by the pound,) I was a little less rigorous than usual about washing the sheets and towels. I made the kids wear their shirts a few times before washing them, if there were no visible stains or noticeable stink. We used more paper towels than I usually like to. I removed little luxuries like bathroom rugs to keep the laundry volume down. (I learned you really can stretch things out a bit if you need to, with no ill effects, FYI.) 

In some ways it was a dream come true. Those nice ladies were doing my laundry and I wasn't. I wasn't sorting. I wasn't unsquinching socks. I wasn't even folding. Heaven, right?

So, if you hate to do the laundry, like I used to hate doing the laundry, then maybe you won't understand how much I was dying to do laundry again by the end of this s-l-o-w remodel. In fact, the me-of-last-spring wouldn't believe the me-of-now when I say, "I AM SO HAPPY I CAN DO LAUNDRY AGAIN!"

Turns out, having your own washer/dryer, and the ability to do a load of laundry anytime you want, is one gigantic blessing. I am newly mindful of this blessing, and want to share it with you so you can appreciate your own washer/dryer a little more, if you are lucky enough to have one.

Here's what I'm loving about having my washer & dryer up and running again:

  • There's nothing like freshly washed, crisp sheets on the bed. And pillowcases. Ah, the joy of a fresh pillowcase.
  • I can wash my son's soccer uniform between practice and the game.
  • I can respond to my daughter's concerns about the "ick" that got on her favorite top, and save the day by washing it.
  • I can bring back my bathroom rugs. I really hate stepping out of a shower onto tile floor. Hello to rugs again!
  • Anytime I feel like it, I can put a fresh hand towel in the bathroom. Just like that! 
  • I can wash and towel dry the dog and then make that pile of 5 soggy towels go away without handing over my credit card.
  • I can wash my favorite running bra inbetwen workouts within the same week.  Sometimes the second-favorite-workout-bra just won't do. You know?
It's the little things, people. 

Sometimes you have to do without in order to appreciate what you have. I'm celebrating my ability to do laundry today. I hope my story brought a little joy into your laundry this week too. :) 

And now I've got to run... I just heard that musical tone telling me the dryer is done! Time for another load! Yahooooo!

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