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Sometimes, I find that the universe sends me little messages in funny ways. It may be an idea that cracks open a door in my mind. Or a reminder that I need to hear, coming at just the right time. Or a whiff of inspiration that gives me just the momentum I need to move forward on something. It's so great when that happens. 

Here are a few of the things I've come across online in the past few days that have struck me in one of those ways. I hope they resonate with you too.

First, check out Rachel W. Cole, and her 30 day Ease Hunting workshop. In her workshop she focuses on finding "ways of being more at home" in your life, "just as it is right now." She promises it "will leave you feeling and living better, without asking [you] to do a life makeover." I love the idea that we need to be more content with what is, and that ease comes not from changing everything, but rather by being more at home with the life that you have. My habitually-ambitious-goal-setting tendencies needed to hear that.

I particularly like the poetry of her invitation:
What if in addition to minimizing stress we maximized ease?What if we became seekers of space, breathers of deep breaths, and revolutionaries in our commitment to soften?What if we were hunters of ease?I invite you to discover more gentleness with yourself.I invite you to discover softness in your body.I invite you to discover spaciousness where life feels cramped.I invite you to discover sanctuary in the everyday.
Ahhhh. Just reading that made me feel more ease.

Next, I just love Kelly Rae Roberts' new undertaking: Kindness Missions. The goal is to "drop beautiful Kindness Bombs in our neighborhoods, every month." The world needs more of that. My kids would benefit from seeing me do more of that, and participating in it for themselves. Who wouldn't go for a "lovesplosion of hope, color & goodness"? I'm in!

And then there was this quote, which I came across on Pinterest. I loved the quote and thought first about it's applicability to my house, which is in dire need of a major edit. But then I clicked through to the source article, by Alli Worthington, and found that the quote was given in the context of business, and the following advice was given alongside the quote:
"In order to build a business that is great for you, you must edit out the elements that are merely good. Because the merely good isn’t good enough and won’t help build the future you want. So cull everything that doesn’t propel you forward, or it will anchor you to the past."
I'm not sure I'm building a business, but I'm certainly re-crafting my career, and it took huge courage to edit out my job, which was good (and great in the past), but not great for me now. I love the idea that we say goodbye to good things in order to make room for new better things. It makes it easier to let go. Love that.

From Dina Burlo's "What the girls are having" blog
Finally, on a completely different note, I came across the world of bento lunch boxes. OMG. There are some people out there with way more enthusiasm for packing lunch than I have. And they are willing to devote way more time to it than I am. (Check out this Pinterest Board and be amazed.) But, I was entranced but the cuteness of the little compartmentalized sections! I found, as I looked at more examples, that some of the lunches actually weren't any harder to put together than the lunches I was already packing. They just look better. It's all in the presentation, people. I promptly bought a set of Easy Lunch Boxes and have been having so much fun looking for ways to pack lunch in cute little bite sized sections. I'm not sure how long this enthusiasm for the dreaded lunch task will last, but I'm going to ride the wave as long as I can. Maybe it'll take me to September before I start leaning into the school's hot lunch program... :)

Hope you are having a great week!

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