Project Life 2013 | Weeks 13 - 23

I've been playing catchup on Project Life these past few days, and it felt so good! Somehow, I allowed myself to get eighteen (18, yes eighteen!) weeks behind. I was going to just skip those weeks and get back to it with the current week, but that made me feel sad, so I went to town ordering photos and slipping cards into pockets, and lo and behold, I zoomed through the weeks in record time. I'm so happy to be on my way toward caught up.

In this post I'm sharing Weeks 13 through 23, with more weeks coming soon! Here is the whirlwind tour:

Boy, does it feel good to see those photos all in a row!

Some things I noticed while doing this big catch up:
  • There were a few weeks where I just didn't have that many photos, so I decided to double up and do two weeks in one spread. This worked out well, and helped me catch up faster.
  • I am really enjoying using the weekly title circles from September Blue. I love the consistency they lend my pages, even when nothing else is the same.
  • I am still using my Seafoam Edition kit, and loving it.
  • For our Spring Break week, I was going to do a separate scrapbook, but instead decided to fill in the templates from Ali Edwards' travel journal package and use them as inserts in my spread for that week. I think this worked out really well.
  • For the most part, I kept it really simple. Photos in slots, journaling on PL cards. But here and there I added a little something more, which was nice to break things up. A few of my favorite bits follow:

Next up, I'm planning to zoom through weeks 24 - 31 and hopefully get back to keeping up and sharing each week in real time. 

Thank you, Becky Higgins, for inventing your Project Life system, which is really working for me.

I will be linking up with The Mom Creative today, where you can see lots of examples of Project Life albums from all over the blogosphere. Be sure to click over to check it out.

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