How a messy blue flower got me writing again this week

I've been wanting to jot a note to a friend who is away for the summer. I wanted the note to be something just a tiny bit special. More personal than a Hallmark card. Something fun, or creative, or unique. So I found a blank notecard made of a beautiful thick paper, and thought it would be fun to add a little watercolor and make it pretty for her. But I put it off for many days. The blank beautiful paper was intimidating. I wasn't sure what to create or where to start.

And then a few days ago, it finally dawned on me that the summer is more than halfway over, and my friend has STILL not gotten anything from me. She's heard zippo from me because I'm thinking I need to make something *just perfect* on the front of her card. HOW SILLY. She doesn't care about that! She just wants to hear from me!

So I sat myself right down, pulled out my paints, and started dabbing and swabbing blue swooshes. And lo and behold, they started looking like a flower. I added some more marks here and there, and a little color in the background, and there you have it. A handmade card.

It won't end up in a museum, but hopefully it will be enough to brighten her day, with it's little note inside. (Hi Brette! If you're looking at my blog, and I know you are, this is a preview. Check the mails! It's heading your way if it hasn't already arrived!)

Later, it occurred to me that my procrastination with the card was a little like what's happening with me and my writing. I want so badly to do something good. Something special. Something fun, or creative, or unique. And the fear of being unable to produce it can be paralyzing.

This messy little flower is a good reminder. Just do something. Get started. Put a mark on the page. And pretty soon, there will be something there to look at and improve and add to and enjoy.

So, taking my own advice, I opened up my laptop, and wrote a few pages of words of my novel. They were messy little words, but it's something to look at and improve and add to and enjoy.

Hope you are finding ways through your own procrastination! Here's to getting something done!

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  1. Thanks Laurel! One day instead of baking lets do watercolor! Can't wait for our joint adventures. I've loved reading your daily posts. Just the pick me up I needed. You continue to inspire me in countless ways

    Hard to believe this time next week I'll be in NYC then on a plane back to CA.

    Looking forward to catching up and hearing about your experiments in person.