Hello August

I can't believe it's August already. The days of summer are numbered, and while I can feel school's busy-ness approaching, it also feels like it's still a million miles away.

Will I really be able to get the kids into bed by 8 o'clock, and up before 7am? Seems highly unlikely. About this time every year, I start thinking about shifting bedtimes earlier, in preparation. It seems like such a smart idea. But I know I won't do it. In the end, I enjoy those lingering evenings and lazy mornings too much.

Around my place, we're going to be eeking out every last ounce of Summer and it's more relaxed pace. With that in mind, here are my intentions for August:

1) Drink up the dwindling days of Summer with it's more relaxed pace, and enjoy spending time with the kids before they go back to school.

2) Put some music, art, movement, or writing into each and every day. Ideally all four....

3) Start charting a plan for the Fall, now that I'll be moving past my "sabbatical year."

I hope you are enjoying the last weeks of Summer around your place!

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