Vacation Report: Family Camp

We've been away at Family Camp. To be more specific, we spent last week at the Lair of the Golden Bear. It was amazing. Some of my favorite things:

Freedom: Kids roam free and choose their own activities. Adults roam free too, knowing their kids are in a safe environment. Glorious.

The Dining Hall: Being served 3 meals a day, without having to lift a finger in the prep or cleanup, was pure heaven.

Friends: Meeting new people, and spending time with cousins and sisters and aunts and uncles in a new setting and in a new way was such a treat.

Inspiration: The camp was staffed with college aged counselors who have more energy and talent and all around great attitudes than I've seen in a long time. I was inspired by their youth and energy, and by the creative and hilarious performing they did for us most nights at campfire.

Nature: The setting was gorgeous. I loved setting up my chair in the creek and kicking back with my Kindle. And hiking to the top of the world with my sister.

Making Memories: Our family isn't perfect, and it wasn't a perfect week. There was conflict and struggle from time to time and in various ways. But we were together, making our way, finding ourselves and each other. Bliss.

 I hope your summer is filled with memories, togetherness, and your own flavor of bliss. 

Happy Summer!