Overcoming Resistance and stepping into the Gap

I love writing. I find that out every time I sit down for an extended period (longer than 10 minutes in my world) and actually write. So, why is it that I do it so infrequently? Here I am, trying to write a novel, and the hardest part so far is actually sitting down to the computer and starting to type. Once I get going, I'm okay. But it's so much harder than you might think to get going.

A wise writer friend of mine nodded when I mentioned this problem. "Resistance," she said. "There is a lot of resistance in you related to your writing." Well, that didn't make any sense. I love to write! Why would there be resistance? "Because of the gap," she said. (She can be mysterious as well as wise.) There is a gap right now, she explained, between my passion and desire to write and my skill and ability to do it well. That gap creates strain and uncertainty that creates resistance. Well, she's right about one thing. I definitely feel the gap. I've got some basic writing skills, but I am nowhere near where I want to be in terms of crafting an artful tale that carries the reader along, effortlessly, from start to finish.

So, what to do? I asked this wise friend. She advised me to stop focusing on the negative -- berating myself for the days I don't manage to get to the computer -- and start celebrating every word that I do write. Each word brings me into the gap and starts to close it. Little tiny bit by little tiny bit. Word by word. I can picture those words, one at a time, creating a narrow but strong bridge across the gap. Can you see it too?

Last night I wrote 901 words of my novel. I'm celebrating those 901 words. They may or may not be great words, but they are a critical part of that word bridge across my gap.

And today I will write a few more. And so it will go.


And in other news....

Fourteen years ago today, my husband and I were married. Nearly eighteen years ago, we met. I can't believe it has been that long! 

Four cities 
Ten apartments/houses
Three degrees
Five jobs
Two children
Countless everyday moments of partnership, conflict, understanding, and love

Love you, honey! 

Happy Anniversary!

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