July: Currently

enjoying the thought of a free week with no plans

daydreaming about what I'll cook when I get back into my (currently dismantled) kitchen

resolving to eat healthy foods this week despite my lack of a kitchen

loving this time of year in my yard with all it's blooms

wishing I had a magic wand that could make people around me cheerful when they are blue

happy to have gotten an old fashioned letter in the mail from a friend

looking forward to crafting an old fashioned letter in reply

cleaning in little bits and bites, inspired by the Fly Lady

grateful that Kenna the golden retriever is nearing 2 years old and finally settling down

still thinking about that staircase that descended mysteriously into the waters of Pinecrest Lake

wishing I had a picture of that staircase... and resolving to put such a stair in my novel somewhere

looking forward to walking the dog and getting some exercise

 myself that I can only truly control my own attitude and state of mind

adoring my new $69 kindle (what a deal!), and the ability to loan books from the library on it

planning this week's family meeting, and our family game afterwards

listening to my husband play his guitar, a lovely sound in the house

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