Hello July

Crater Lake, Oregon

Each month I like to write up and post some thoughts for the month. Kind of like goals, but a little looser. I'm quite late this month, due to some vacation time (to the lovely state of Oregon!) But, better late than never... 

Here are my intentions for JULY!

Vacation: We started the month with a week of vacation to Southern Oregon, and we have a week of family camp planned for later in the month. I've got a bit of work to do before the next trip to set us up for success and a great time. And then, bring on the relaxation!

Summering: Our July is made up of 2 vacation weeks, and 2 weeks of kids at home with no camps. I am excited about getting the kids involved in planning our two home weeks, and filling them with classic summertime fun.

Reading: I continue to power through my Middle Grade fiction reading list, and plan to continue reading as much from that market as I can. (Just finished Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger, and The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles De Lint... blog post report on those coming up soon.) I'm also diving head first into Positive Discipline, a parenting book to help me learn some new techniques to get on top of some issues cropping up with my kids. 

: Things have gotten a little loosey-goosey around my place lately. And to some extent, that's okay. (It's Summer!) But, sometimes loosey-goosey goes too far, and lately I've been reminded of how much kids crave routines. Clear expectations. Boundaries and limits. Predictability. That kind of thing, you know? So this month I'd like to get back on top of some basic routines, starting with a Family Meeting once a week to discuss how the family functions and solve problems that crop up. I'll let you know how it goes...

Planning: I'm quietly starting to think about what happens when my one year sabbatical comes to an end at the end of the summer. I've got some ideas for what a post-sabbatical life might look like and I'm planning to put some more meat on the bones of those ideas this month, in my few quiet moments.

I hope you have a great month planned! Happy July!

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