Getting outta dodge

Turns out I'm kind of a homebody. It super easy for me to slip into the comfort and ease of just staying home. I don't even really notice it, until I get away. And then I remember. Going places feels good! And I wonder, why don't I do this more often?

The other day we took a day trip. A simple day trip. We went out to a local goat farm near the coast. 

I just fell in love with the simple, natural and homespun style of this place. (Harley Farms, for those of you locals who might want to visit.)

While we were there I felt the stirrings of inspiration related to the children's adventure story I am trying to write. Getting out gives our brain new data to chew on, and this can be so helpful to a writer. 

Just look at the chairs around this farm table! Those chairs will find a place in my novel, for sure.

And look at that path made of stumps. I love the mystery of a set of stumps that you can jump across, leading somewhere new and exciting. That might find a place in my adventure story too.

What if my character comes across a sign like this one in her travels? What if the sign looked just like her? How interesting would that be!

It reminded me that it's tempting but not necessarily productive to hole up and write this novel entirely at home. Some of that is necessary, for certain. (A lot of it, if I'm going to get my page count up.) But it's also important to keep going out, exploring new places, and getting new inputs and experiences to mix up with the thoughts already swirling around my brain. 

Now back to my novel... it's time to write!


  1. YES, YES, YES...the classic artist date. I love Harley Farms and have always dreamt of organizing a dinner in that room with THOSE chairs!

  2. It's a fun place to visit and sample the goat cheese.