May: Currently

Inspired by elise and her May: Currently post, here is mine:

feeling lighter as I toss long-unused items in a spring cleaning binge.

loving that I can attend school field trips with my kids (photo above from the 3rd grade trip to a local farm and garden.)

sampling the cookies I'll be bringing to tomorrow's teacher appreciation event.

regretting that I've fallen off of the good eating habits of my April cleanse.

inspired by the fiction writing class I'm taking.

having so much fun writing a story of my own.

grateful for our amazing weather.

so sad for the people in Oklahoma who have suffered so much this week.

eagerly anticipating the arrival of summer (19 school days left!) and it's slower pace.

but a tiny bit worried about how I will handle the loss of my free time once the kids are out of school.

planning a summer of easy meals with low to zero prep and cleanup (because of some remodeling work going on in my kitchen.)

reading playborhood and trying to figure out how I can make our neighborhood and yard more fun.

tempted to have an in-ground trampoline installed in our back yard.

reminding myself that I am not in a race and it's okay to go slow sometimes.

excited to see the new star trek movie with my dad (also a fan.)

enjoying each day and every day of may.


  1. Love this post. May have inspired me to try a journal along these lines....for summer.

  2. Hey, Laurel - I'd be happy to share thoughts with you in email (mike at playborhood dot com) about making your neighborhood and yard more fun. Just drop me a line!