Josie padded in....

I am taking an online class this Spring on novel writing, through Stanford's Continuing Studies.

It's been so much fun.

We read the assigned texts, respond to discussion questions, post scenes and chapters from our work-in-progress novels, and offer encouragement and critiques to our fellow classmates.

And sometimes, the instructor posts a little extra assignment, optional, for bonus points. (Except that there aren't really any bonus points.)

This week, the bonus assignment was to take a simple descriptive line from something you've written, and expand it to a full paragraph, using all five senses.

Here's mine.

Original sentence: Josie padded in and settled down in front of the fire.

The new paragraph: Josie padded in.  She sniffed around the hearth’s worn rug, braided with faded scraps of old clothing and rags. Finding only the familiar scents of dog hair (her own), and slipper footsteps (Andi’s), she circled three times before settling. The fire seemed to swoon toward her for a moment, as if saying hello to an old friend, before settling back into it’s usual flickering routine.

It's fun, right? Pure fun.

Just thought it would be fun to post it, in case anybody is curious to see a snippet from this writing class I'm taking. It's such a blast and I'm learning so much.

Hope you enjoyed this tiny window into fiction writing class! Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Josie? Andi? Are you borrowing names? Nice description. Homey. Dad