Hello May

At the beginning of each month, I like to sit down for just a bit of reflection. What do I want out of this month, above and beyond my "day to day" responsibilities as a mom and wife? How does this month play into my sabbatical goals?

As you may recall, I've designated this January through June period to be for "experiments." Well, April was right on target as I wrapped up a painting class, tried my first ever Cleanse (healthy eating), and dove into my first novel writing class.

For May, I'm planning on a laser focus on writing. 

I'm fully embracing my online novel writing class, to get every ounce of goodness I can from it. I'm taking Young Adult Novel Writing: Building Your Own World, through Stanford's Online Writer's Studio. There are 17 other people in the class, all smart and dedicated people trying to do the same super hard thing I am trying to do. It's been a very inspiring and motivating experience so far. The class goes through mid June.

I am making concrete progress on my novel. I've given myself a deadline of every Friday to have a new significant chunk of work that I can send to another writer friend. She's doing the same with me. It helps to have a deadline, and someone to "turn things in" to.

I'm poring over books about the craft of writing. I'm currently reading "90 Days to your Novel" by Sarah Domet, and "You Can Write A Novel" by James M. Smith, Jr. I'm finding great nuggets in each of these great books.

I'm helping to organize a writing group with local members of the online writing class, to see if we can continue some form of peer support and critique after the online class concludes. 

I'm joining a book club that a neighbor belongs to. My old book club of 10 years broke up last year, and I've been missing a regular focus on reading and discussing novels with a group of like minded readers. And, as a fledgling writer, it's a great chance to read and reflect on other writer's work.

I think that should keep me busy, and my eyes and fingers tired and sore from all that reading and writing!

Hope you have a great May!

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  1. It sure seems like a "laser focus" on writing. Good for you. Dad