Hello April!

Well, here it is April 9th, and I'm just getting around to posting my "Hello April" post (following the new goal setting format I'm experimenting with, as seen in "Hello March" and "Hello February.")

This month...

I will wrap up my painting class Flower Crazy.

I will dive headlong into my new online class, "Young Adult Novel Writing: Building Your Own World," offered through Stanford Continuing Studies.

I will build writing time into every weekday.

I will re-energize my commitment to healthy eating by trying (for the first time ever) a 7-day Cleanse, hosted by Kimberly Paul of The Yogi and the Cook.

I'm trying to keep myself pretty focused this month on writing, so I'm resisting the urge to take on lots of other projects. I think this is plenty to keep me quite busy!

Hope you are having a great Spring!

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  1. YAY! Here we go. My schedule is cleared out too...can't wait to see you on Friday!