Favorite books from my childhood

As part of an assignment for the novel writing course I am taking this Spring, I have been reminiscing about the great books I read as a young girl, and the huge influence they had on me as a reader, a person, and perhaps as a future writer. I thought I'd share a list of my favorites, in case they bring back good memories for you too. I hope this list may also be a resource for moms looking for great stories to recommend to their own young readers. I'll be updating this list as I remember additional great stories from those good old days.

The Oz Books. Many people are familiar only with the famous story made popular by the movies. But in fact there are many books in the Oz series, and I read them all. Most are written by L. Frank Baum, but other writers took up the series in later years. I inhaled each and every one. By today's standards, the writing is old fashioned and a bit meandering, but I love them still and recommend them unreservedly.

The Chronicles of Narnia. Again, the first has been made into a movie, and most people unfortunately stop there. The book is delightful, and begins a series of 7 books I read and re-read over the years, uncovering new layers of meaning as I got older.

Below the Root. This treasure seems to have been frequently overlooked, and I can't imagine why. It's the first of three that make up the Green Sky Trilogy and I have never forgotten the giant trees and low gravity that are the halmarks of this fascinating new world.

The Belgariad. This series, by David Eddings is an unforgettable magical adventure that launched me into the fantasy genre.

The Earthsea Cycle. There are four books in this series. I particularly loved the first two, A Wizard of Earthsea and The Tombs of Atuan.

The Girl with the Silver Eyes. I love any book about kids having special powers, and this classic is a fantastic example.

The Magic Faraway Tree. It's a fun ride: surprise lands in rotating clouds at the top of a giant, climbable tree populated by unique and memorable characters. It captured my imagination and I never forgot this story.

A Wrinkle In Time. This classic is hard to beat. I loved the science angle, and the unforgettable heroine, Meg.

Looking at this list is like looking at pictures of old friends. And, there were oh-so-many more books than these that I inhaled as a young girl, so I'll add to this list as I come across other old favorites.

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  1. Wow! The only one I ever encountered was A Wrinkle in Time. What a great list. I can't wait to experience these for the first time with my girls. And, is that your very own handiwork with the orange graphic "Kids Books" AMAZING!