Experiment update: Planting a garden

One of my goals for March was to start planting a garden. I've been working on this, gradually, in little snatches of time here and there. A few plant purchases at a time. Yesterday, my son and I tried riding bikes to the nursery, and managed to pack quite a lot of garden impact into our two bike baskets.

I added the purple pansies to the little patch by my front door. It's still a bit messy, but I like how the little flashes of purple play off the red tulips, which finally came up.

In the back yard, my son has claimed one of our 4 small raised beds as "his", and has picked out all the plants for it. Clockwise from the top we have yellow marigolds (which he couldn't resist because "they are just so beautiful!"), we have some beans, and the zinna seedlings we transplanted from their little windowsill cups. Then some peas (growing like crazy, but outside the frame of this picture). At the middle/bottom we are going to try to grow zuchinni. Some naustrum and leftover purple pansies fill in the bottom and left side.

From the front you can see that the peas, planted earlier, are growing like crazy. The wire tomato cage I put up for them is completely inadequate... good learning for next year!

Just so you don't think everything is rosy in my garden, here is our chief adversary:

Kenna loves to dig, and loves to eat tender little plants. The two giant holes in the middle of our lawn are usually her main goal. (Deeper! Bigger!) But we fear the day she spots our little raised beds and realizes the dirt there is much loser and more fun to burrow into. Poor girl gets tethered most of the time when she goes out, so we can minimize the damage. We're keeping a close eye on you, Kenna!

 My next target is this little bed here:

It's sprawling with volunteers and leftovers from previous years. I love the color of these sweet little flowers. (What the heck are they? I don't remember ever having planted them...?) But as soon as they fade, I'm going to clear the decks and start fresh with what I hope will be a good cutting garden. I love cutting flowers from the garden and bringing them indoors. This bed gets the best sun, so I'm optimistic I can grow some pretty little somethings here.

Hope you are enjoying the bounty of spring in your garden! Thanks for stopping by.

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