Hello March!

March has arrived, spring is coming. I see signs of it everywhere. So happy to see more sunshine. I was able to go out in flip flops today, believe it or not. I'm sure cold and rain will continue to pay visits throughout the month, but the increasing proportion of warm days is very welcome. Bring on Spring!

Here are my goals (thoughts? hopes? intentions?) for March:

Get outdoors more. And bring the outdoors in. I'm going to be opening up the windows and doors, sitting on the porch, bringing in fresh flowers, and getting out for hikes. It's time to stop hibernating!

Plant a garden. My kids and I got some seeds going the other day. We are just starting to see the first sprouts appear. We'll plant cutting flowers, and some easy veggies like peas and beans.

Learn new painting techniques. I signed up for another online class (building on my positive experience with Letter Lab.) This one is called Flower Crazy, perfect for March. Yesterday, I made a "before" flower drawing, inspired by the examples on Carol Sonheim's blog and site. It will be interesting to see how my post-class efforts compare.

Nurture my friendships. I am feeling particularly grateful for the presence of new and old friends in my life this month, and I hope to find ways to nurture and grow those friendships.

Focus on family. Sometimes I worry that I get too distracted by all my projects. This month I will be striving for everything listed above, but making sure that I keep my #1 Priorities forefront in my mind at all time: My kids. My husband. A big part of this sabbatical time I am giving myself is to spend more time with these important people, and strengthening our family unit. I think it's working so far, but I also think I could be doing more here. I'm hoping to spend some time this month thinking about what that might look like.

Wishing you a fabulous month! Thanks for sharing this space with me today.

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