Flower Crazy Online Class: Update

imageweek2-mon abstractflowersweek1-fri shadingFLOWER CRAZY WEEK 2 GESSO 1Inspired by Debbiesome pencilling
slight pencillingimageimageimageGesso Flowers #1_smlefthand drawing
Mark Making 2-Four Giraffes in a Bubble BathGesso Crazy FlowersFC Week 2 Lesson 1_2FC Week2 Lesson 1smaller_wk2mondetail of larger piece, wk 2 monday
First piece, Monday week 2Wildflowers_CarlaS._flckrGroupflower crazy week 2Flower eaters live..assign 1Flower CrazyFlower Crazy
This is a feed from the public Flickr group for the online class "Flower Crazy" by Carla Sonheim.

I'm super inspired by what my classmates are creating for the Online Class "Flower Crazy." And it's only the beginning of Week Two!

On the one hand, it makes my own efforts look childish at best, but on the other hand, just think of the potential if I keep practicing. Everyone has to start somewhere. These artists are producing such lovely work. I'm taking it in, and feeling lucky to be learning from such creative people.

In a few days, I'll be brave and post some of my own work from Week One and Week Two of this incredible class.

Meanwhile, I couldn't resist sharing a glimpse from the class Flickr feed.

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