Right now

Enjoying the sun after a few days of showers. Celebrating with yellow tulips for my table.

Eating lots of this Mango Passion Granola Cereal from Trader Joes. My kids can go through a box a day. Easy.

Happy to see my daughter's nose back in a book. Love it when she finds one that captures her interest. Currently it's Fablehaven by Brandon Mull.

Finding myself wearing my glasses more and more often for reading, computer work, and the copious note taking I'm doing these days as I gain traction on my novel project.

Keeping my eye out for broken toys, and other things in need of fixing, that I can deliver to the handy repair shop that has sprung up in my house.

Getting lots of quality time with my kitty...

...and my other kitty....

...and my dog. Practicing on them with my big camera. Trying to capture the light just right. It's a work in progress!

And that's what our lives look like right now.

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  1. Love that I can get a laurel boost while I am out of town. I really love this post!