Project Life Week Six

Hello Week Six! 

Another one in the books. It's really ridiculous what a huge sense of accomplishment it gives me to finish the weekly spread and post it to the blog on schedule. I'm hopelessly addicted to tangible outcomes delivered on a deadline. Now that I'm not working, I'm inventing projects and deadlines.... I wonder what that says about me? 

Anyway, here is the spread:

It came together pretty easily this week. I stuck to a formula that I repeated with nearly every picture. White lettering over the photos. A few times I used some Ali Edwards word art instead. I'm trying to get better about consistency and repetition in my spreads. I remembered to use the same font on every picture (something I usually forget to do), and I like how shades of turquoise appear throughout.

Here's the left side (above.) I used a picture from last week that I didn't have room for. (The one of my son dressed up on the front porch, which he did for the Superbowl party we attended, totally on his own initiative.) Last year I was determined to be strict about putting photos into the week that they were taken. Only. But this year, I've decided it's less about when the photo was taken, and more about what story I want to tell this week. I'm feeling like a strict adherence to photo dating doesn't really matter. I probably wouldn't place a photo outside the month, but if I have some overlap or leaking between weeks, it's totally okay with me.

And here's the right side. Love those pictures I got of the kids, which I took using some of the tips I learned from the Beyond Snapshots book I blogged about last week.

I had one slot left over, so I used a filler card from the Seafoam kit, and sewed on a line that has been coming to me a lot lately. "You are exactly where you are supposed to be." Sometimes because I feel it, and sometimes because I need the reminder. I liked the juxtaposition of that line and the "you are here" with the photo of the Labyrinth.

I loved being able to include photos of some my favorite people this week. Mom, Dad, Sister, and my nieces & nephews with my kids.

I included just a short and not very detailed "week in review" card this week, because I had so much journaling on the photos themselves. But I still wanted to have a comment on the week.

I so love this project.

On to Week Seven!

Linking up with The Mom Creative today. Check out her site to see lots of examples of Project Life pages in action!


  1. I love this project too. I get such an extreme boost when I see your spreads. The look and feel of them inspires me. Your layouts are getting more sophisticated as they get cleaner--an interesting design feat. Keep going. You are right where you are supposed to be!

  2. Love the family photos and turquoise throughout, really brings the pages and photos together.

  3. Love your clean style. I, too, love deadlines, I get so much more accomplished with a firm deadline (even if it's all in my head). I really like the look the what border on your pictures give. Lovely pages.