Project Life Week Seven

Hello Tuesday! As has become my Tuesday habit, I'm sharing last week's Project Life pages today.

I love this project for the sense of accomplishment I get from documenting a week of our lives and putting it officially in the book. It makes me feel good to know I'm up to date and that it's been done while the memories are fresh.

My spread this week is very very simple. Just photos, each with a caption right on top (inserted with Photoshop Elements). I used a couple of slots for cut downs of our valentine's day card making projects. I might later add a pocket to hold more cards, I'm not sure.

I love the photo of our dog, with my son's special lovey ("Snuggledog.") My husband captured that cute moment. I tend to be the family photographer, though this week not only was my husband behind the camera for several of these photos, but I also have a photo shot by my daughter. (The one of my husband and I on the bench.) I love it when other people grab the camera and take some shots too!

The shots above of the four of us in the car, and the one of us in the bowling alley, were taken with my iPhone, using the TimerCam app.

The photos on the right side will all look familiar if you follow my Instagram feed, or if you read yesterday's post. Lots of repetition this week!

For the second week in a row, I enjoyed keeping my photos corners square (vs rounding them), with a white border on them which I'm liking for it's unifying effect.

As always, I am linking up with The Mom Creative today, where you can see many more examples of people's Project Life pages. Many thanks to Jessica Turner for hosting this weekly link-up.


  1. Hi Laurel, I'm visiting from The Mom Creative! :) I love your simple titles/journaling on the photos! Very clean and nice looking. I also love the white borders on your photos. I'm noticing that I've been drawn to that on a lot of people's PL spreads lately. I may have to try it! :)

  2. I really like how you included actual bits of handmade Valentine cards. Cute!

  3. Those white borders do give your spread a distinct look. Lovely! Great photos too. Adorable family photo too.

  4. Love the word captions--sometimes that's all you need. Nice week!

  5. Such a great spread. I love that handmade valentine's too!

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