Love, Generosity and Unbridled Kindness

I am a fan of love, cute little hearts, and letting those we care most about know they are in our thoughts. But I must agree with these folks who say that "Valentine's Day has lost it's way." They say love has been "replaced by cheesy cards, overpriced roses, and obligatory dinners."

And to that I would add that I'm not loving the increasing focus on candy, which I'd like keep restricted to Halloween. Nor am I thrilled by the trend toward Valentine's Day gifts, which I resent for any holiday that's not Christmas. (Are all the holidays merging together? Are they becoming basically the same thing, just with a different color scheme and mascot?) 

I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound negative. I hate complainers, and don't want to be one. I actually quite like seeing the world turn pink and red for a few weeks. It brings cheer to a dark and chilly season. And it's hard to object to the theme of love. I enjoy the opportunity to get out my heart stamps, my collection of red and pink scrapbooking papers, and practice my heart doodles. It's fun.

But as for all the guilt, obligation, and pressure that comes along with the cuteness, I say no. I say lets simplify, and restore the focus on heartfelt and authentic expressions of love.

So, I like the idea behind the Generosity Day movement. I'm with them, when it comes to their plan for Valentine's Day. Lets reclaim the holiday, they say, and restore it's focus on true love. And lets define love more broadly this time around. Lets not restrict it to romantic, couple love. Lets be more inclusive. Love at it's essence is really about generosity and kindness to our fellow man. Lets celebrate, on February 14th, with a rash of small acts of kindness that sweep across the world and make it a better place. At least for a day.

Sounds good to me.

So, I'll be looking for opportunities to spread some love tomorrow with random acts of kindness. It's a small rebellion against the direction Valentine's Day has taken. Want to join me?

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  1. I'm definitely with you on this! I've never heard of Generosity Day, but it's a great idea.