Kitchen Experiment: Homemade Twix Bars

My goal theme for February is learning. And my winter/spring sabbatical goal involves running lots of experiments. Along those lines, I'm excited to report out on some experiments I've been learning from in the kitchen...

I've always been a casual baker, nothing fancy. I do the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the back of the bag, and the occasional cake or cupcake for a holiday or birthday. But I've never done anything elaborate, and consider myself generally intimidated by terms like "candy thermometer."

Until now.

It all started when my new friend Brette invited me to learn her homemade marshmallow making technique back in December. 

That's where I had my first encounter with the dreaded candy thermometer. Turns out, it wasn't that hard. I was so encouraged I went out and bought one the next day.

And we used it again a few days ago for another joint project, this time to make homemade twix bars

To amp up the learning and the fun, we decided to make two batches of the twix bars, one with caramel from scratch (that's where the candy thermometer comes in,) and one with store-bought caramel, melted down.

The caramel from scratch was the big winner, hands down. We had several taste testers volunteer, and all concurred. The extra effort was definitely worth it. (The candy thermometer earned it's kitchen space this month!)

We're going to make it a monthly thing, this candy making fun. Thank you, Brette, for inviting me into your kitchen. (And for getting me past my fear of candy thermometers!) It's been so much fun!  

We've started a Pinterest board to collect recipe candidates. I can't wait to see what we make next! Stay tuned!


  1. Yum! This looks fun! I would love a post about how you think about learning something new. Can you boil it down to three or four steps that you take when you want to learn something new? I consider you my local expert-learner. You are VERY good at learning new skills and techniques.

  2. I had so much fun experimenting with you! Hmmmm what should we tackle next? My mouth is watering just thinking about it.