Hello February

The weather has been so gorgeous here this week. We're enjoying sunshine and mild days, and it's drawing us outside for activities I usually associate with Spring and Summer. Love that!

Each month, I like to lay out some high level goals for the month. This month, a theme has emerged. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But this month, I seem to have a theme, and it's learning.

In February I am focused on:

Learning about the process of novel writing... and gaining momentum on my novel project.

Learning about my DSLR camera... and taking the first step beyond the automated "green mode".

Learning about our spending habits... and teaching the kids about money. (We're conducting a cash-only experiment in February. I'll share more about this experiment on the blog next week.)

Learning about lettering... via an online class I'm taking with my artist friend Kelly.

Hello February! Can't wait to see what it brings. 

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