To be more radical, I will...

Tara Mohr recently challenged her readers to consider a set of New Year's journaling prompts. What a great list! My friend Cristina liked them too and challenged our meditation group to write on one of them this week:
12. Because I vowed to be more radical, in 2013 I…
I missed last week's meditation gathering (due to hosing my friends for a girls weekend), but I heart journaling prompts, and didn't want to miss this one!

Following Tara's directions to "go with your first instinct" and "let your intuition lead," I came up with the following quick list: 

Because I vowed to be more radical, in 2013 I...
  • will buy (and wear) less black clothing.
  • will skip the weekly grocery shopping every so often to see if I can "wing it" with what's on hand.
  • will skip writing weekly goals if I'm not feeling pulled toward doing it. (gasp!)
  • will venture past my favorite basic font choices and expand my use of alternative typefaces.
  • will lean into my desire to eat less "hoofed" meat, and stick to fish and fowl.
  • will try to spend an entire day without looking at my computer or phone... just to see if I can.
  • will de-clutter and donate my things more aggressively, leaving behind only what is a joy to use or behold.
  • will stay up late.
  • will read books from across a wider variety of genres.
  • will write email thank you notes from time to time, instead of the handwritten and mailed variety. 
Many people who know me would probably not use the word "radical" to describe me, and I'll admit that this prompt was a little bit hard for me. (It's all relative, right?) But once I got going, this was super fun. If I had more time, I'm sure I could have come up with more, and gotten more creative with it. But, this is supposed to be a first instinct list, done pretty quickly. So there you have it. My radical 2013 begins. 

What will you do this year to be more radical? 

If that prompt doesn't speak to you, check out Tara Mohr's other awesome prompts for the new year


  1. I heart journaling prompts too! Love this radical list--its why we're friends ;-) The one thing that came up for me and i was SO GRATEFUL for this journaling prompt was...Because I vowed to be more radical I spoke up....

  2. One of the things I will do that's more radical is express my views to elected officials -- thanking them for the good things they've done (not enough) and expressing my frustration with their inability to work together to make our country safer both physically (assault weapon control etc) and be responsible about our economic (debt ceiling) well being. Your mom