Sabbatical Part Two: Planning

Hello January!

Hello Part Two of my sabbatical journey! 

I blogged a wrap up of Part One here, just the other day. Now this post introduces my plans for Sabbatical Part Two.

My goal with this segment, running from January through mid-June, is to move into what I've been calling my "rapid experiments" phase. I'd like to try on lots of different ways of using my time, to learn more about how I want to approach my life and my career after my yearlong sabbatical is complete.

I've been thinking a lot about what types of experiments I want to run. I'm not sure I can say at this stage what all of them will be, and that's okay. I want to let the experiments evolve naturally, and allow one thing to lead to another even if it's not what I pictured at the start.

But I do have some ideas, of course, and high level goals, for the areas I'd like to explore.

I want to publish something.

I want to sell something.

I want to give back in some way.

I want to learn something new. Or a few somethings.

I want to surprise someone. (And I want to be surprised.)

I want to create something new using a medium I haven't tried, used lately, or mastered yet.

I want to start something that brings new people, new ideas, or new sources of inspiration into my life.

I want to inspire someone.

To hold myself accountable to these goals, I'm planning to use this blog to document and record my progress. And I'll likely use something similar to the Fall's "Weekly Goals" posting routine to create momentum and ensure progress... though I may shift to a bi-weekly or monthly goal setting format.

I can almost feel the fresh, full and empty year ahead, just waiting to be filled with good stuff. 

I'm excited to get started.

Off we go!

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  1. GO LAUREL!!!! I love these areas for you...and, the drawing of the tree, fin my mind adds whimsy, creativity and freedom to the list of goals. A little clue to us about how the way might look for you? And by the way, just in this post you inspired me, so put one tally mark there ;-)